As you all know, we’ve shifted the 2020 edition of DSPT Day to a fully online event. However, we would never let this be an excuse to decrease the quality of what we want to offer to our participants.

With that in mind, we have taken steps to improve the way participants interact with each other, the speakers and the sponsors, considering the physical limitations of hosting an online event.

To improve engagement and offer our participants an event that goes beyond the talks and towards the true meaning of a Data Science community, we will be hosting DSPT Day Online in a specialized virtual event platform.


This platform will be your one go-to place for DSPT Day Online and where all the fun takes place. Once you gain access to the platform, you never have to leave in order to participate in everything the conference has to offer you.


The platform will be available to you for more than just the conference days. You’ll be able to access all areas of the platform a few days before and 2 weeks after the event, which gives you the chance to get the most out of it and the resources offered.


See who is there

Unlike a physical event where you’re searching the venue for the right person to speak to, our platform allows you to view everyone in attendance with a simple click of a button.



All live streams will be accessible through the platform, as well as the schedule, so that you never miss a thing. The talks will also be recorded and available on demand for 2 weeks after the event. This will allow you to return to the event to ensure you pick up all the insight and knowledge.


During the online event you will be able to network with other participants, see profiles and chat online. You can also do the same with speakers and get your own personal time for discussions.

Sponsor Booths

We also want to offer you the chance to interact with sponsors in a seamless way, much like you would do at a physical venue. The platform has a dedicated area where you can access the sponsor booths, which are rendered in 3D and fully customized. Here you will be able to schedule calls and participate in sponsor activities.