Pedro Saleiro

AI Ethics Research Lead @ Feedzai

Short bio

Pedro Saleiro is a senior research manager at Feedzai where he leads the FATE (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics) research group. He is responsible for several initiatives related to improving model explainability in the context of financial crime prevention, bias auditing and algorithmic fairness, experimentation and A/B testing, ML governance and reproducibility. Previously, Pedro was postdoc at the University of Chicago and research data scientist at the Center for Data Science and Public Policy working with Rayid Ghani, developing new methods and open source tools (, and doing data science for social good projects with government and non-profit partners in diverse policy areas.


Explainability and Ethics

July 17, 15:00


Dealing with bias and fairness in AI systems


Tackling issues of bias and fairness when building and deploying AI systems has received increased attention from the research community in recent years, yet a lot of the research has focused on theoretical aspects and very limited set of application areas and data sets. Today, treating bias and fairness as primary metrics of interest, and building, selecting, and validating models using those metrics is not standard practice for data scientists. In this talk we will try to bridge the gap between research and practice, by deep diving into algorithmic fairness, from metrics and definitions to practical case studies, including bias audits using the Aequitas toolkit (