Amira Abbas

Quantum Computing PhD Intern @ IBM Research Zürich

Short bio

Amira is a predoc researcher in the Quantum Research Group at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and former research scientist at STANLIB Multi-Manager. She is also part of the IBM Quantum Computing Research team in Zürich where her current research focuses on the intersection of quantum mechanics and machine learning theory in order to solve problems that are not possible to compute classically. Amira holds an undergraduate degree in actuarial science, an honours degree in quantitative finance, a masters degree in physics and is currently pursuing her PhD in quantum computing. She is an active member of numerous community driven initiatives centered around strengthening science and technology in Africa.


AI of Tomorrow

July 18, 14:05


Quantum circuits for machine learning


It is still an open question as to whether quantum computation is unequivocally useful in a machine learning context. This talk will introduce the current state of quantum computing and highlight the existing interplay between quantum and classical devices that is used to train quantum models. In doing so, we will discuss quantum circuits, data encoding techniques, the notion of quantum machine learning and finally, the promise that it holds.