What is DSPT Day

DSPT Day is an independent and international conference in Portugal dedicated exclusively to topics related to Data Science. On its 2nd edition, DSPT DAY 2019 is a 2-day conference happening on the 25th and 26th of October. A conference made by data scientists for data scientists.

Why should you attend?

This conference is a superb background for discussion and networking with other experts, bringing together leaders, practitioners, and trainers from all over the world.
As an attendee, you should expect energizing and high-quality talks that include case studies and/or personal experiences related to the field of Data Science.


Let me know when tickets are available!

2018 Edition

The 2018 edition of DSPT Day was an amazing day, with great speakers, great sponsors, and great attendees. You can check out last year’s program, speaker and schedule here: 2018 Edition.